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News Release - State Board of Education directs Adams 14 School District to continue working on management partnership with Mapleton

March 14, 2019

State Board of Education directs Adams 14 School District to continue working on management partnership with Mapleton

Computer science professional development grants approved

DENVER – The State Board of Education directed Adams 14 School District to continue working on its proposal to turn over management to Mapleton Public Schools, requesting the two districts to add another partner to help with professional development related to instruction and leadership.

The state board voiced concerns about Mapleton’s record of success with student outcomes as well as concerns about the lack of sustained support from the Adams 14 Board of Education for Mapleton given its recent change of  membership.

“Mapleton Public Schools has some real strengths. It has the potential to improve outcomes in Adams 14 through its work with the community to build a vision for schools and by focusing on creating a culture of trust. We also recognize they have extensive experience working with students with similar needs,” said State Board of Education Chairwoman Angelika Schroeder. “But we have concerns about Mapleton’s track record with student achievement. We think another partner could really make a meaningful difference that would lead to faster improved outcomes for students.”

Following eight years of low performance ratings, the state board in November 2018 ordered Adams 14 School District to turn over management of its instructional program, personnel, and other authority necessary to dramatically improve student outcomes to an external organization. Following an extensive community input process to consider the candidates that responded to the district’s request for qualifications, the Adams 14 Board of Education chose Mapleton Public Schools in a 3-2 vote as its external management organization on Feb.12. However, after a member of the local board resigned later in February, there was no longer a majority in support of Mapleton as the management organization.

“I want to share my deep appreciation for all the parties involved in this hard, challenging work, and especially the engaged, committed community members who have really stepped up and into this process,” said Education Commissioner Katy Anthes. “As we’ve said all along, success in raising achievement for all students will only happen when the entire community is engaged and committed to the same pathway.”

Computer science grants

The board approved close to $182,000 in grants for state-provided elementary teacher professional development in computer science. Thirty-five grant applications for 432 teachers were received from districts, BOCES and the Charter School Institute for training provided by the state through a partnership with the Colorado School of Mines. These grants include $73,000 for training and $108,000 in stipends for teachers. At the April board meeting, another 14 applications will be considered, representing 13 districts and one BOCES, for $280,000 in professional development to be determined by the individual districts or BOCES. These grants are in addition to over $465,000 in grants awarded for K - 12 computer science training awarded at the January State Board meeting. A list of all awardees is available on Board Docs.

Notices of rulemaking:

The board approved notices of rulemaking for the following:

  • Rules for the Administration of the READ Act. Proposed changes are in response to HB 18-1393 related to the process for including  assessments on the State Board approved list, how publishers and districts can appeal decisions, and district reporting requirements. The rulemaking hearing is anticipated to be held in May.
  • Rules for the Administration of the Waiver of Statute and Rule. Proposed changes would be technical and  address errors found in the previous version, such as a reference to “charter school employees” that should have been “school district employees.”

In other actions, the board: