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READ Diagnostic and Summative Assessments

Approved K-3 Diagnostic Assessments


Oral Language

Phonemic Awareness





Remote Adminstration Support
Curriculum Associates
  x x   x x
PALS Marketplace
Phonological Awareness
Literacy Screening (PALS)
  x x x   x
Phonological Awareness
Literacy Screening
Español (PALS Español)
  x x x   x
Renaissance STAR
Early Literacy
x x x x x x

**This assessment is no longer available after June 30, 2020

Northwest Evaluation
Association (NWEA)
Children's Progress
Academic Assessment (CPAA)

  x x     x  
Pearson Peabody
Picture Vocabulary Test
x       x  
Test de Vocabulario
en Imagenes Peabody
x       x  
Pearson Woodcock
Reading Mastery Test,
3rd edition (VRMT-III)
    x     x
Acadience Reading Diagnostic (formerly known as DIBELS Deep):
Voyager Sopris
PA (Phonemic Awareness)
WRD (Word Reading Decoding)
CFOL (Comprehension, Fluency, Oral Language)
x x x x   x
Woodcock-Munoz LS (English and Spanish) x x x   x x

Approved K-2 Summative Assessments

  • Curriculum Associates i-Ready
  • Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP for Primary Grades (MPG)
  • Terra Nova