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READ Act Informational Webinars


Amendments to the READ Act requires that K-3 teachers who provide literacy instruction, 4-12 reading interventionists, and school administrators (including principals) must take training (SB19-199 and SB22-004). The Office of Elementary Literacy and School Readiness will host monthly live informational webinars to provide updates on the READ Act teacher and school administrator trainings.


Attending any or all of the teacher training or school administrator webinars will NOT meet the training requirements for teachers or school administrators. The webinars are for information and updates only. 


Teacher Training
Informational Webinars

Click on the dates below to register for live Teacher Training webinars:

January 25, 2024 2-3pm

March 7, 2024 3-4pm

**April 1, 2024 3-4pm  

**This date was changed from April 4, 2024 to April 1, 2024


Informational Webinars

Click on the dates below to register for live Principal/Administrator Training webinars; 

December 14, 2023   3-4pm   Click here to view the PPT     

January 18, 2024   3-4pm    Click here to view the PPT         

February 29, 2024  3-4pm    Click here to view the PPT   

  April 11, 2024   3-4pm   Click here to view the PPT             

        May 16, 2024    3-4pm                      


Archived READ Act Webinars