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READ Act-Request for Advisory List Submissions

Part 1- Eligibility Application

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act), passed by the Colorado legislature in 2012, focuses on early literacy development for all students kindergarten through third grade and especially for students at risk of not reaching grade level proficiency in reading by the end of third grade.  Included in the READ Act is the requirement that the department create an advisory list of evidence-based or scientifically based instructional programming in reading , pursuant to C.R.S. 22-7-1209. 

The main purpose of the READ Act Advisory List of Instructional Programming is to provide districts and schools with a choice of instructional programming that adequately enhances teacher quality and is a major vehicle that schools/districts can utilize to upgrade their capacity as it relates to the implementation of the evidence-based literacy practices.

During each review cycle, new providers have the opportunity to apply to be added to the list. All current providers currently approved will need to reapply to remain on the CDE Instructional: core, supplemental and intervention advisory list. Providers on the current advisory lists may be removed if not approved by the new process. 

The review is a two part process for vendors to submit instructional programs: core, supplemental and intervention to be reviewed for inclusion on the Colorado Department of Education READ Act Advisory List. 

Part 1 - Eligibility opened September 30, 2019 and closed October 30, 2019. The application for Part 1 - Eligibility included information about an informational webinar to support interested vendors in understanding the requirements of Part 1 - Eligibility.  If submissions meet the requirements of Part 1 - Eligibility, vendors will be notified.   Download application here.

**Note if you are submitting one program for several different categories please follow the file format in the application, additionally add in the program type please see below:

  • publisher name_program name_intervention_2019 EPsubmission
  • publisher name_program name_supplemental_2019 EPsubmission
  • publisher name_program name_core_2019 EPsubmission