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ELG Implementation Consultants

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History and Purpose

The Comprehensive ELG Program is focused on system-wide early literacy efforts and implementing and sustaining scientifically and evidence-based reading instruction. Comprehensive Early Literacy Grant (ELG) participants must budget for ongoing, on-site assistance (at least one day per month per school) from an ELG-approved Implementation Consultant.


ELG Implementation Consultants support Comprehensive ELG participants’ incorporation of scientifically based reading research into instructional practice in all K-3 classrooms, including both core and targeted and intensive intervention classrooms. The ELG Implementation Consultants will provide guidance to school leadership teams (SLTs) to maximize core instruction and intervention time to ensure K-3 reading proficiency.


SLTs, including the principal, must meet regularly with the ELG Implementation Consultant to review K-3 student-level data (from interim and diagnostic assessments) and data related to the implementation of grant requirements. Meetings must include regularly updating the school’s professional development plan based on reviewed data. (Meetings between the SLT and ELG Implementation Consultant may take place virtually). The principal must routinely visit classrooms with the coach and ELG Implementation Consultant.


Frequently Accessed Resources

For questions, please email our READ Act ELG Team