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Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Grant Application 2023

About Comprehensive Health Education

The "Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Act of 1990" encourages every school district to provide a pre K-12th grade planned, sequential health education program. Parental and community involvement in the program is stressed. Parents and guardians have the right to exempt from any or all of the health education program. Local health advisory councils are encouraged and should be representative of the norms and values of the community.

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Comprehensive Health Education Grant Application and Resources

Application due date April 28, 2023 


The Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Act of 1990 encourages a planned, sequential health education program offered at every grade level. The purpose of the Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Act of 1990 is to foster healthy behaviors in children and communities through a comprehensive educational plan, which has a goal to not only the increase of health knowledge and skills for lifelong wellness and the management of risky situations but also the modification of high-risk behaviors.


The intent of the funding is to develop and implement local comprehensive health education programs in grades PK-12 in order to foster healthy behaviors through increasing students’ health knowledge and skills to establish and maintain their physical, emotional, social, mental, and sexual health and wellness in addition to the modification of risky behaviors.

Eligible Applicants

Local Education Providers (LEPs) are eligible to apply for this opportunity. An eligible LEP is:

  • A School District(s);
  • A Board of Cooperative Services (BOCES);
  • A Charter School(s) authorized by a School District, or the Charter School Institute;
  • Facility School(s)

Local Education Providers (LEP) and charter schools are encouraged to apply as a region, group, or consortium if applicable.

A region, group, or consortia of charter schools, or districts may consist of at a minimum three charter schools or districts in a defined geographical area, based on identified needs, or identified school structure. The charter school’s authorizer, Charter School Institute, or a designated authorizer for a consortium of schools, will be the fiscal agent, if funded.


Available Funding

Approximately $300,000 is available for the 2023-2024 school year, with funding contingent on approval of appropriations from the State Legislature. The Colorado Department of Education anticipates award grants for a four-year period. Funding for subsequent years beyond 2023-2024 will be contingent upon continued annual appropriations by the State Legislature as well as grantee completion of all evaluation, fiscal, and reporting requirements Applicants may request up to $30,000 per year. 


Application and Timeline




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Contact Information

Program Questions

Budget/Fiscal Questions

Application Process Questions

 James Hurley, PhD
 Health Education   Services             
(303) 866-6453 
 Anna Friedman
 Grants Fiscal Management
 (303) 778-1877 
 Mandy Christensen
 Grants Program Administration
 (303) 866-6250                           



Current Grantees


  • Center Consolidated Schools 26-J
  • Colorado Springs School District 11
  • Lake County School District R-1
  • Douglas County School District RE-1
  • Las Animas School District RE-1
  • East Grand School District RE-2
  • South Routt School District RE-3
  • Canon City Schools Fremont RE-1
  • Thompson School District R2-J
  • Harrison School District 2

Academic Standards


The Comprehensive Health standards focus on personal decision-making around emotional and social well-being, positive communication, healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco, drug, and alcohol  abuse prevention and violence prevention. The standards underscore important skills for navigating today’s society with its complex and often confusing messages around health, beauty, and happiness.



Previously Funded Districts

Archuleta School District 50JT

La Veta School District RE-2

Boulder Valley School District

Poudre School District

Center Consolidated Schools 26JT 

South Routt School District

Hayden School District

Steamboat Springs School District RE-2

Jefferson County Public School District

Steamboat Springs School District RE-2 North Routt


For More Information on Comprehensive Health & Physical Education Training Offerings Contact:

James Hurley, Ph.D.
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Content Specialist
P 303.866.6453 | C: 303.910.3901