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Colorado Student Assessment Program Law


This portion of Colorado Revised Statues has been reprinted with the permission of the committee on Legal Services in accordance with section 2-5-118, C.R.S. It is an unofficial publication of Colorado Revised Statutes.


Title 22, Colorado Revised Statutes: Education Article 7:
Educational Accountability Section 409, as amended

22-7-409. Assessments - repeal (Abbreviated version with information specific to home based education)

(1) Beginning in the spring semester 1997, the department shall implement the Colorado student assessment program under which the department shall administer statewide assessments adopted by the board pursuant to section 22-7-406 in the first priority areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and science. The department shall administer the English versions of the state assessments and may administer any assessments adopted by the board in languages other than English, as may be appropriate for students whose dominant language is not English; except that any student who has participated in the English language proficiency program, created pursuant to section 22-24-104, for more than a total of three school years shall be ineligible to take the assessments in a language other than English.

(III) Nothing in this section shall be construed as requiring a child enrolled in a nonpublic school or participating in a nonpublic home-based educational program pursuant to section 22-33-104.5 to take an assessment or exam administered pursuant to this section, even though the child may also be attending a public school for a portion of the school day and therefore included in the pupil enrollment of the district.

(1.3) (b) A school district, upon the request of the parent or legal guardian of a child who is participating in a nonpublic home-based educational program pursuant to section 22-33-104.5, shall permit such child to take any assessment required by subsection (1) of this section and shall provide to the parent or legal guardian of the child the results of any assessments administered, including diagnostic reporting for such child's performance on each assessment as described in subparagraph (I.5) of paragraph (a) of subsection (1.2) of this section. The parent or legal guardian of such a child shall be required to pay all costs associated with administering and providing results for such assessments.