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Archived SLD Training: Math Series for Struggling Learners (5-Part Series)

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Series Description

The Math Series for Struggling Learners is a series of five one-hour webinars geared toward increasing the educational effectiveness of K-12 teachers who support struggling learners in math including those with SLD and/or dyscalculia or are responsible for educating students with disabilities and at-risk concerns in the area of math. This series was presented by Dr. Brad Witzel.

Session 1: Non-Strategic Learners

Originally aired February 6, 2017

Topics Covered in Session 1:

  • Establishing number sense for students with disabilities
  • Explicit and systematic instruction principles in math, including task analysis and formative assessment
  • Establishing number sense for students with disabilities


Session 2: Learning Whole Number Operations

Originally aired March 6, 2017

Topics Covered in Session 2:

  • Introduction to Concrete - Representational - Abstract Sequence of instruction (CRA)
  • Strategies for computation of whole numbers
  • Strategies for fluency and automaticity


Session 3: Let's Be Rational-Learning Integers, Fractions & Decimals

Originally aired April 3, 2017

Topics Covered in Session 3:

  • Rational number reasoning and computation
  • CRA-based Interventions with Rational Numbers
  • Strategies for embedded fluency and automaticity


Session 4: Mathese - The Language of Mathematics

Originally aired May 1, 2017

Topics Covered in Session 4:

  • Language of mathematics
  • Vocabulary development
  • Schema-based problem solving


Session 5: Bridging the Arithmetic to Algebra Gap

Originally aired June 5, 2017

Topics Covered in Session 5:

  • Why students with disabilities should strive to learn advanced algebra
  • Highlighting key math areas for development
  • Accessing secondary math concepts


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