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1999 Average Teacher Salaries (all classroom teachers)

Fall 1999 was the second time that school district/BOCES' human resource (HR) data was transmitted electronically to CDE through the Automated Data Exchange Project (ADEP). Some districts/BOCES experienced difficulties in updating their systems to incorporate the data elements as defined and/or may not have reported in accordance with the definitions. Therefore, we continue to clarify some of the definitions.

FTE is computed using each district's mean contract days and hours. Based on the data file submitted by the district, records for all teachers (job codes 201-206) were selected to determine the number of contract days and the number of hours per day worked by the majority of the teachers.

Average salary is computed by using the total dollars paid to teachers divided by the teacher FTE.

Daily rate is computed by dividing the average salary by number of contract days.

Pupil/teacher ratio is computed by dividing the October 1999 reported pupil membership by the teacher FTE.

In computing the state totals (except average daily rate), the fall 1997 data was used for Hi-Plains R-23, the only district that did not report fall 1999 data.


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