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Verifying Lawful Presence

When you complete the eLicensure application, you will be required to swear or affirm under a penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Colorado that you are either a United States citizen, a legal permanent resident or that you are otherwise lawfully present in the United States pursuant to federal law. You may need to upload an electronic copy of one of the following:

  • A valid Colorado driver's license or Colorado identification card;
    • If your license has a black band across it, you do not qualify for this state benefit with that type of identification alone - you will need to upload additional documentation from below.
  • A valid non-Colorado driver's license or non-Colorado identification card;
    • In addition, you must upload your Birth Certificate from any state in the United States, United States territory or the District of Columbia (also accepted is a Report of Birth Abroad of the United States Citizen, Form FS-240 and a Certificate of Birth issued by a foreign service post, Form FS-545 or Certification of Report of Birth, Form DS-1350).
  • A valid United States passport.
  • A valid U.S. Military or Military Dependent Identification Card.
  • A valid U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Identification Card.
  • A valid Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card with photo.
  • A valid foreign passport (with photo & unexpired I-155 stamp) AND a U.S. Visa AND a I-94;
    • You must upload all three
  • A Certificate of Naturalization (with photo) (N-550 or N570).
  • A Certificate of Citizenship (with photo) (N-560 or N-561).
  • United States Identification (I-97) (last issued in the '70's).
  • INS Form I-551 (permanent resident card).
  • INS form I-668B (Employment Authorization Card).
  • Valid I-776 (Employment Authorization Document).
  • Valid I-766 (Employment Authorization Document).
  • INS form I-571 (Refugee Travel Document).
  • Refugee/Asylee I-94 (with photo) (with refugee/asylum stamp or Cuba/Haitian parole stamp).
  • Waiver issued by the Department of Revenue.