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Temporary Educator Eligibility Authorization (TEE) FAQ

Temporary Educator Eligibility Authorization FAQ

  1. Who can request this authorization?

This authorization is issued upon request from an administrative unit, facility school or state-operated program that is unable to employ an applicant who is appropriately endorsed in the area of assignment.  The director of special education, superintendent, chief human resources officer or appointed head of the administrative unit must certify that, after reasonable effort to hire an acceptable, appropriately licensed and endorsed applicant, none was found.  The signature of the district leader on the TEE application constitutes certification that a reasonable search for a qualified person was made and documentation of this search, i.e., copies of vacancy announcements and a distribution list must be maintained at the local level.

  1. Who is eligible to apply for this authorization?

Only those applicants seeking endorsements in a special education teaching field, special services provider field (except speech-language pathologist assistants) or special education directors are eligible for this authorization.

By signing the TEE application form, the applicant indicates his/her intention to work and remain working in the specified area; certifies that he/she has been accepted into or is enrolled in an approved program with the objective of obtaining institutional credit leading to endorsement in the specified area; and assures that he/she will obtain endorsement in the area desired within three years of application.

  1. What makes an applicant eligible for this authorization?

There are four pathways in to the TEE authorization.

  1. A currently licensed teacher in the state of Colorado wishing to add a special education teaching endorsement through the completion of an approved program or 24 credit hours (for special education generalist only). This includes Special Education Generalist, Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired or Special Education Specialist: Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  2. An applicant seeking a teaching or special services license (except SLPAs) who is currently enrolled in a traditional preparation program in an area of special education/special services. This person would need to already hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  3. A special services provider who has completed a program but is lacking either a content exam or the internship/practicum hours required by licensing rules;
  4. A special education director who is currently enrolled in an approved special education director program.

Additionally, the applicant must be employed by a school district, BOCES, facility school or state-operated program to qualify.

  1. How do I apply for the TEE authorization?

Please review the application checklist on the CDE website for all required documents and a link to create an COOL account.

  1. How long is the TEE valid?

The TEE is valid for one year from the date of issuance. It is renewable twice, for a total of three years, as long as the applicant shows verified, ongoing progress toward fulfilling the requirements for the full license. Those applicants applying with the intent of completing a content exam must show good cause as to why the exam was not passed in the first year of the TEE validity.

  1. How do I renew the TEE?

To renew the TEE, an applicant must complete the TEE application again, just as they did for year 1 or year 2.  The application form must be completed, with all required signatures present in order for the authorization to be renewed.  In years 2 and 3, the university representative must validate that the applicant has made progress on the completion of their program and that they are enrolled currently, or the candidate needs to include test score reports that show continued attempts at fulfilling the exam requirements.

  1.  How many times may I be issued the TEE?

The TEE may only be renewed twice for a total of three years.  If the applicant has held a TEE previously, this information will be considered before the current application is processed.

  1. What signatures are required on the application form?
  1. Applicant
  2. Special education director, superintendent, chief human resources officer or appointed head of the administrative unit.
  3. Authorized representative of the college or university (if enrolled in a program of study)

    9.  What supporting documentation may be needed for my application?

If you are a teacher applicant who is adding an endorsement via content exam, or a special services provider who is only missing a content exam, verification of registration for this exam must be attached to the application.

If you are an applicant who is enrolled in a program of study and are renewing their TEE authorization, transcripts showing courses completed must be attached to the application.

If you are a special services provider who needs to complete the internship/practicum hours required for licensure, you must attach your plan for the completion of these hours, preferably signed by your supervising mentor.

  1.  How much does the TEE application cost?

There is an $90 evaluation fee for those completing an in-state program and a  $110 evaluation fee for those completing an out-of-state program for each TEE application.