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State Library News & Announcements


State Grants to Libraries Funding for 2023-2024

The Colorado State Library is pleased to announce that 312 libraries will be receiving State Grants to Libraries for 2023-2024! The Colorado Legislature appropriated $3 million in grant funds because of the continued impact they provide to the communities the libraries serve. Final funding amounts for 2023-2024 are available here (one grant awarded per library jurisdiction, academic institution, or school district).

For more information, please visit the State Grants to Libraries home page.

FY22 Annual Report

The FY22 annual report celebrates the success of the Colorado State Library. Learn more about how the Colorado State Library worked to serve libraries across the state through its projects, leadership, and training in the focus areas of Learning for All, Resource Sharing, Professional Development for Library Staff, and Services to Underserved Populations. 


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