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Average Daily Membership Study

Senate Bill 10-008 directs the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to contract for a study with a private, or private non-profit, Colorado-based education policy or research organization to evaluate pupil counts based on a district's average daily membership (ADM), the average number of school days that pupils are enrolled in school during a school year, rather than, attendance on October 1 of the applicable budget year as is done under current law.

Average Daily Membership Study

Prepared for the Colorado Department of Education by

Justin Silverstein, Augenblick, Palaich and Associates
Mark Fermanich, Center for Education Policy Analysis, University of Colorado Denver
Tracie Rainey, Colorado School Finance Project

Committee Members


Committee Meetings

December 1, 2010

Study Work Plan
State Student Counts
States Table
Meeting Notes


December 15, 2010



January 3, 2011

Membership and Transfer Data Analysis
Draft Narrative
Principles and Alternatives
Draft Narrative
Effects of School Exposure Study 2010 - Douglas D. Ready


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