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BEST Davis-Bacon Information

Davis-Bacon and BEST

The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, a United States federal law, established the requirement for paying prevailing wages on public works projects involving federal funds. In general, federally assisted construction, alteration, and/or repair (including painting or decorating) projects over $2,000 must include provisions for paying workers on-site no less than the locally prevailing wages and benefits paid on similar projects.

During the construction phase, the school district or owners rep will be required to obtain weekly Certified Payroll reports from all contractors that work on the project. These forms can be found below. The school district and owners rep must review these reports for accuracy and keep them on file. Part of the accuracy review may be interviewing trades people on the project to make sure that they are being paid what the contractor is reporting as being paid on the Certified Payrolls.

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 BEST Davis-Bacon Resources

CC-13 BEST Davis-Bacon Certified Payroll Form

CC-13 BEST Davis-Bacon Certified Payroll Form - Instruction Guide

BEST Davis-Bacon Cost Tracking Sheet

BEST Davis-Bacon Checklist for Districts

BEST Projects Wage Determination Sheets

Additional Contract Provisions for a BEST Grant with Davis-Bacon Wages

Davis-Bacon Resources

Davis-Bacon Home Page

Davis-Bacon Poster - WH-1321

Davis-Bacon Poster (Spanish)- WH-1321

Davis-Bacon FAQ

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