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Gerardo Muñoz, 2021 Colorado Teacher of the Year

Gerardo Muñoz, 2021 Colorado Teacher of the Year

Gerardo Muñoz, a social studies teacher at Denver Center for International Studies at Baker in Denver Public Schools, was named Colorado’s 2021 Teacher of the Year in a special virtual ceremony on Oct. 29, 2020.

“I am honored and excited to announce that Gerardo Muñoz has been selected as Colorado’s 2021 Teacher of the Year,” said Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes. “In an exceptionally tough year, we are grateful to have outstanding educators like Mr. Muñoz who dedicate their time and energy to supporting our students. Mr. Muñoz is a respected leader in his school and community. He encourages students to speak up on important issues and inspires them to pursue their passions. We are excited to watch his journey as our Colorado Teacher of the Year!”
As Teacher of the Year, Muñoz will represent the entire profession in Colorado and be the public face of Colorado’s teachers. He will be entered as Colorado’s nominee for the National Teacher of the Year Program competition and will receive many professional development opportunities. Muñoz, along with the country’s other teachers of the year, will be honored at a special ceremony at the White House and get the opportunity to go to NASA’s Space Camp. He will also become a member of the Colorado Education Commissioner’s Teacher Cabinet.

“Mr. Muñoz is an incredible educator deserving of this honor,” said Susana Cordova, Denver Public Schools superintendent. “Mr. Muñoz taught both of my children while they were students in DPS, and I know firsthand how he impacted them during their time in his classroom. His dedication to his students is representative of many outstanding educators you will find in DPS classrooms. He inspires, guides and uplifts students on a daily basis, and I am honored to serve our students alongside him.”

Muñoz has taught middle and high school students at the Denver Center for International Studies at Baker for 14 years. His classes include Concurrent Enrollment Ethnic Studies, Advanced Placement World History and 5280 Challenge/Student Board of Education through DPS’s Student Voice and Leadership program.

During his 21 years in education, Mr. Muñoz has been involved in a number of programs, initiatives and organizations to promote equity and anti-racism, including EduColor, Choose, the National Education Association’s Racial and Social Justice Conference, and the University of Colorado’s Teachers of Color and Allies Summit. Muñoz earned his bachelor of arts degree in history and Latin American studies from the University of Colorado, as well as a master of arts in curriculum and instruction from the University of Denver.

Gerardo Munoz

Gerardo can be reached at:

Denver Center of International Studies
Denver Public Schools
74 W 6th Ave., Denver, CO 80204