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a) Assessment Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The purpose of this resource is to provide clarification to requirements in the Assessment Policy (PDF) and how it interfaces with LACES, the statewide database for learners served with AEFLA funds in Colorado. The content of this resource is updated frequently to reflect questions received by AEFLA grantees. Contact your program coordinator about specific circumstances not reflected in this resource.

There are two resources specific to using the LACES database. The Beginner LACES User Manual is intended to walk users through the basic data entry procedures for entering data into the LACES database and was created by LiteracyPro. AEI created a LACES Data Dictionary which serves as a supplement to the LACES User Manual. It provides critical guidance about how to use the database in accordance with Colorado-specific requirements, data monitoring and local data management.

The LACES Data Dictionary is referenced throughout this resource.