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Educator Talent for Programming

CDE Certification and/or Endorsements that are acceptable for educators willing to teach in a Dual Language Immersion School.  Educators must be highly qualified:

School & District-based Recruitment

Over the last years, Colorado has experienced interest and growth regarding dual language immersion programs. Task force teams of administrators get engaged in participating in local events to recruit bilingual educators. Local colleges and universities have few bilingual graduates come through teacher preparation programs to fill the need for dual language programs. Some examples to recruit educator talent may be:

State-based Strategies

The Colorado Department of Education has established relationships and has also signed memoranda of understanding with well-recognized programs that support the recruitment of Exchange Visitors from other countries. Below are current partnerships that promote the recruitment and placement of international teachers:

Memoranda of Understanding:

  1. Spain: Programa de Maestros Visitantes
  2. Mexico: Binational
  3. China
  4. Taiwan

Minimum requirements to participate as an Exchange Visitor: