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Syncplicity Instructions:


Syncplicity is an online platform used by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) for secure file sharing. You will need a web browser to access and share files. BEST staff will work with Grant Managers to upload and download supporting materials for BEST grant applications.

Grant Applications

Each grant cycle, when districts, BOCES, or charter staff apply, they must request a BEST Grant Manager (GM) account and provide an email address. A Syncplicity folder is then generated from the application, and the GM will receive an email at the address provided with an invitation to submit the applicant’s required electronic photos and supporting materials.

If you do not have a Syncplicity account, you will be prompted to create one. It is not necessary to download the desktop application, as files may  be uploaded via any web browser using the link provided by clicking on the ‘Files’ tab and the ‘upload’ icon.

The Syncplicity folder will have the naming convention “BEST## district/charter name” (example: “BEST2019 Sample School District RE-1”), and the applicant may create sub-folders within it to use for submitting the files required by the application. If you are submitting multiple grant applications, please create a separate sub-folder for each application using the project title. These folders will only be used temporarily for transferring files and may be periodically removed between grant cycles. Please keep backup copies of all files and photos submitted.

Although not required, BEST staff recommends that you name your photos and files descriptively, i.e. “Typical Classroom.jpg” or “Roof leak and evidence of mold.jpg”. Please organize files into separate sub-folders for photos and supporting documentation, as shown in the screenshot above.

For additional guidance on using Syncplicity, please refer to CDE’s Syncplicity Instructions for External Users guide, or visit

For login in or password reset assistance, please visit: