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ACCESS for ELLs Colorado 

Connect with WIDA's website for upcoming ACCESS Webinars. 

WIDA Online Training Materials


WIDA provides online ACCESS for ELLs training courses designed to support district training for test administrators. Training courses consist of checklists and modules for Online for ACCESS for ELLs, Paper ACCESS for ELLs, Kindergarten ACCESS, and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs administration. If test administrators do not have a login to access these modules, they can contact their DAC for information on creating their own account.

WIDA ACCESS for ELLs Webinar Series

Beginning in late September, WIDA and DRC will offer a series of free supplemental webinars covering a range of topics relevant to District Test Coordinators, Technology Coordinators, and Test Administrators.  These webinars will provide information on specific pre-test and during-test activities and will include ample time for questions and discussions.  Each webinar will be task- or topic-specific and relevant to a particular role. The webinars are designed to provide supplemental information in addition to (not a replacement for) Colorado’s ACCESS for ELLs training sessions held annually in October. Attendees can access the webinars via the Join Now hotlinks embedded in the updated webinar calendar (see below) or via  WIDA does not recommend attempting to register for any webinar ahead of time.  Instead, it is recommended that participants join the webinar 10-15 minutes prior to the start time to secure a seat in the WebEx meeting.

WIDA/DRC ACCESS & Screener Webinar Calendar 2019-2020

WIDA Screener and W-APT:

WIDA Screener and W-APT training materials are available to Test Administrators and District Assessment Coordinators on WIDA's website. Additional training questions can be directed to the Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education.