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CSAP / TCAP - Item Maps

Summative Assessment Item Maps

Links to Item Maps by Assessment Year: 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008


The Office of Student Assessment develops Item Maps following the administration of the summative assessment each year.

Purpose of Item Maps

The item maps contain information that may be of some assistance examining a school or districts adopted curricular alignment to the state standards. They are not an instructional tool, and cannot be used to develop curriculum.

Please refer to Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing relative to the ethical and appropriate use of assessment data, including item maps.

How to Use Item Maps

Item maps are linked to a specific form and year of the test. They are useful in a broader sense of ensuring curricular and or programmatic alignment to the standards and benchmarks assessed on that particular form of the assessment.

Use item maps in conjunction with student performance data to ask questions about a district’s adopted curriculum and program of instruction.

For District and School administration:
Is this benchmark included in key concepts within your adopted district curriculum?

For Teachers:
Is this benchmark taught within the larger scope of concepts included in the district adopted curriculum?
How have I assessed this concept?
Can students demonstrate understanding of these broader concepts contained within the benchmarks and
standards in a variety of ways?

To Examine curricular alignment:
How are the varying levels of DOK reflected in curriculum and instruction?
Classroom/school/district level – adopted curricular inventory


Item maps must not be used to create yearly instructional targets. Please keep in mind that objectives are assessed on a cyclical basis, and item focused instruction based on item map information is not only ineffective, it is an unethical use of the information provided.

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