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2015 CMAS: PARCC Scale Score Percentile Ranks

2015 CMAS: PARCC Scale Score Percentile Ranks

The CMAS: PARCC English Language Arts and Math assessments are standards-based, meaning they measure how well your child was able to demonstrate the concepts and skills found in the Colorado Academic Standards. The performance level (e.g., Approached Expectations, Met Expectations, etc.) provided on your child’s score report provides information on how your child did compared to the expectations of the standards. We know, however, that some parents are also interested in understanding how their child performed in comparison to other students in the state. While some of this comparative information is included on your child’s score report, below are links to Scale Score Percentile Rank tables for each test. These tables show the percentile rank that corresponds to each scale score that a student could have earned on the assessments.

A percentile is a measure that shows the percent of students who scored below a given score.  The higher the percentile, the more students your child scored higher than in the group of students who took the test.  For example, if your child earned a score of 741 on the third grade math test, your child is at the 54th percentile. That means your child scored higher than 54% of all of the Colorado students who took the third grade math test. 

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