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ARP - ESSER III Application for Funds

ARP - ESSER III Application for Funds

Instructions for Accessing the ARP - ESSER III Application

The application access is through the Identity Management (IdM) system, the same logon and password system used for Data Pipeline and UIP.

  • A good first step, if you have used IdM before, is to check with your District Local Assess Management (LAM) Group to grant you access to the ESSERAPP application.
  • If you haven't used the IdM system before or are having trouble logging in with it, please use this access assistance form to find your district's LAM Group.
  • If you have used IdM before and have confirmed you have access to the ARP - ESSER III application, please contact us at for additional technical assistance.

Here are some additional resources to assist you:

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Required to obtain benefit. Form # P30-103. EDAC Approved. Approved 1/10/2020 for 2019-2020.

Technical Assistance: Submit questions or requests for technical assistance to

View more information and resources on the ARP - ESSER III Application for Funds website.