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Welcome to the CDE Educator Effectiveness Video Library!

This library contains Colorado educators teaching lessons to students throughout the state. It is intended to provide educators and evaluators with a way to view Colorado teachers and spark conversations developing a deeper understanding of quality instructional practices and better calibration of instructional expectations. A variety of content areas, grade levels and quality of instructional practice are available for viewing.

How can I use this video library for professional growth?

This video library can be used for individual, small, and large group professional development/training so that educators may view a lesson and then confer with others. This practice allows for rich discussion that can uncover inconsistencies and/or bias in observation as well as support staff in coming to consensus on what is high quality implementation of the Teacher Quality Standards. This video library can also be used to generate discussion about the type of coaching conversations, feedback, and support that could be offered to the teacher viewed. Additionally, this library may be helpful for evaluator training programs as it provides a beginning step in “norming” or “calibrating” evaluators.

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To access and view the EE Video Library, contact your District's Local Access Manager (LAM) and request the "EEVideos" role be added to your account in identity management. If you do not have an account, the LAM will need to first create a profile for you, and then add the role that allows access/viewing of the EE Video Library. The LAM will also be able to provide you with the username/password. NOTE: If you use the Colorado Performance Management System (COPMS)/RANDA, it will be the same username and password. If you are not a part of a district/BOCES, please contact for assistance.

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