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Welcome to CDE's online standards feedback system! This system enables all Coloradans to provide specific feedback on drafts of the proposed revisions within the Colorado Academic Standards for social studies, dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual arts. The feedback will be used to assist revision committees in determining what additional revisions are needed prior to making recommendations to the Colorado State Board of Education.

*Please note, the information you will see is in draft form and has not undergone a full copy-editing process. To assist your review process, summaries and color coded versions of the standards with recommended revisions can be found here.

The online system will be open for feedback from Friday November 12, 2021 through February 1, 2022.

User Account

To access the system, users will be asked to set up an account that is linked to an email address. This will enable the user to provide feedback over multiple sessions and have an automated password reset option if reminder is needed. All responses submitted will be displayed on the CDE website after being reviewed by content area committees so you can be sure you have been heard. The responses will not include your name or any personally identifying information.

Please keep in mind that all email addresses are purged from the feedback system once the window concludes.

Stay Informed

Visit this webpage to learn more about the standards review and revision process.

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