Colorado Assessment Literacy Program

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Classroom Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is integral to good teaching. This learning opportunity is intended to assist teachers to reflect on their current practice, make decisions about which aspects of formative assessment they would like to strengthen and engage with colleagues in professional growth.

In the next four modules you will learn about the assessment type, Classroom Formative: Embedded in Ongoing Teaching and Learning, and how to implement it effectively and strategically in your classroom.


The modules’ content is organized so that you can take advantage of your professional learning communities and learn together with your colleagues.

As you proceed through the modules, you will be prompted to reflect on your learning.

Module 1 is organized into three parts:

  • Formative Assessment as a Process:
    Learning about the four components of formative assessment
  • Formative Assessment in Action:
    Examples of what formative assessment looks like in actual classrooms
  • Formative Assessment in Your Practice:
    Reflecting on the role of formative assessment in your current practice

Modules 2-4 are each organized into three parts:

  • Introductory Inquiry:
    Learning from guided video observation of teacher practice and reading resources
  • Guided Practice:
    Your chance to analyze video of teacher practice and written vignettes of practice, and then make a plan for your classroom
  • Independent Application:
    Your turn to try out what you have learned in your classrooms and reflect on your practice

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