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Weld RE-1 School District


Type of Provider: Public School District 

Main Contact:
Don Rangel

P.O. Box 157
Gilcrest, CO 

Program Description: 

By the end of the training the participant will know, and understand the following:

 (1) Senate Bill 10-191 Information (Purposes, Critical Effects, Priorities of Implementation and Timeline). (2) The mission and vision of the State Model Evaluation System (the intent and spirit of the law). (3) How to implement the State Model Evaluation System, which includes: The Evaluation cycle; The Components of the Rubric (and how to score the rubric). (4) The principal and teacher evaluation standards. (5) Using Evaluation tools: Teacher Evaluation Report, Principal Evaluation Report, Professional Growth Plans, Mid Year Evaluation Report, and the Process for the collection of artifacts. (6) Process for determining Inter-rater agreement and Inter-rater reliability (ELEVATE).  (7) The importance of developing “evaluator skills which may include, but not be limited to: Data collection and documentation, Understanding the Colorado Academic Standards, Conferencing strategies, Giving effective feedback, Building instructional relationships, Use various observation techniques, (The importance of) a common instructional Language; Providing “easily understood” evaluation processes and timelines. (Note: This training will not develop each of these components but will reinforce professional development work already happening in the district in these areas). (8) The process for determining Teacher Type (for the purpose of selecting Measures of Student Learning); (9) Use of an Assessment Inventory; (10) Selection of Measures and determining weight and type of each measure (Collective or Individual).  (11) Calculating an overall score and effectiveness rating. Part of this training will be to provide information on how the Weld RE-1 School District has interpreted and implemented each of the state required steps and components of the evaluation system.  As a trainer, it will be important to outline key conversations and decisions that our district has made in the implementation of the Educator Effectiveness Act.  

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