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Professional Skills

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

A Colorado graduate demonstrates professional skills through task and time management, career awareness, information literacy, productivity and accountability, self-advocacy, and leadership. A student with these skills can:


Developmental Milestone:

Developmental Milestone:
Advanced Beginner

Developmental Milestone:
Strategic Learner

Developmental Milestone:
Emerging Expert

Task/Time Management

  • Articulate task requirements and identify deadlines
  • Develop and utilize basic task and time management strategies effectively
  • Demonstrate task management attributes associated with producing high quality products including the abilities to:
    • Work positively and ethically
    • Manage time and projects effectively
    • Multi-task
    • Clearly communicating with others
  • Set personal goals and take responsibility for those goals through reflection upon prior outcomes

Career Awareness

  • Ask questions and learn more about careers and other life pursuits
  • Connect careers and other life pursuits to personal interest
  • “Pursue a path of inquiry initiated by personal connections to careers and other life pursuits” (Maine Department of Education (n.d.), p.26).
  • Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and personal awareness of how their dreams and interests translate into career fulfillment and career pathways available in local, regional, national and global arenas

Information Literacy

  • Identify key attributes of a variety of information products (e.g., books, newspapers, online or print articles, social media)
  • Articulate the most effective options to access information needed for a specific purpose
  • “Examine how individuals interpret messages differently, how values and points of view are included or excluded, and how media can influence beliefs and behaviors” (The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2009), p. 5)
  • “Analyze both how and why media messages are constructed, and for what purposes” (The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2009), p. 5) and use information accurately, ethically, and creatively for the issue or problem at hand

Use Information and Communications Technologies

  • Find information through the use of technologies
  • Communicate information through the use of technologies
  • Evaluate information through the use of technologies
  • Create information through the use of technologies

Productivity / Accountability

  • Articulate the requirements of a task or job
  • Develop strategies and manage time to effectively meet deadlines
  • Evaluate progress through analysis of goals making necessary changes to stay on course
  • Meet deadlines and goal as assigned


  • Appropriately express a range of emotions to communicate personal ideas/needs
  • Ask questions to develop further personal understanding
  • Demonstrate confidence in sharing ideas/feelings
  • Demonstrate an accurate and clear sense of goals, abilities, needs and knows how to request and/or acquire them


  • Model positive behaviors for others
  • Demonstrate leadership skills (e.g., organizing others, taking initiative, team-building)
  • Demonstrate confidence while recognizing personal actions impact others
  • Educate and inspire others to realize their potential

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