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Preschool Standards and Instructional Support

Preschool Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) and standards-based resources can now be accessed from one page. Grade level pages were created to serve teachers who provide instruction in multiple content areas. To read descriptions of the available resources, return to the main Elementary Education Resources page.

Colorado Academic Standards Comprehensive Health graphic

Comprehensive Health Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 2. Physical and Personal Wellness

  1. Develop self-management skills and personal hygiene skills to promote healthy habits

Standard 4. Prevention and Risk Management

  1. Identify ways to be safe while at play

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Dance Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Movement, Technique, and Performance

  1. Demonstrate simple phrases of movement in time and space

Standard 2. Create, Compose and Choreograph

  1. Translate simple ideas and stories into movement

Standard 3. Historical and Cultural Context

  1. Recognize dances from around the world

Standard 4. Reflect, Connect, and Respond

  1. Observe and identify different dance genres
  2. Attentively observe a dance performance

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Colorado Academic Standards Drama and Theatre Arts Graphic (small)

Drama and Theatre Arts Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Create

  1. Demonstrate emotions and feelings in dramatic play

Standard 2. Perform

  1. Use dramatic play to imitate characters

Standard 3. Critically Respond

  1. Respond to stories and plays

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Mathematics Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Number Sense, Properties, and Operations

  1. Quantities can be represented and counted

Standard 4. Shape, Dimension, and Geometric Relationships

  1. Shapes can be observed in the world and described in relation to one another
  2. Measurement is used to compare objects

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Music Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Expression of Music

  1. Perform expressively
  2. Respond to rhythmic patterns and elements of music using expressive movement

Standard 2. Creation of Music

  1. Improvise movement and sound responses to music

Standard 3. Theory of Music

  1. Describe and respond to musical elements
  2. Recognition of a wide variety of sounds and sound sources

Standard 4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music

  1. Demonstrate respect for music contributions
  2. Express feeling responses to music
  3. Recognition of music in daily life

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Colorado Academic Standards Physical Education graphic

Physical Education Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Movement Competence and Understanding

  1. Travel in a variety of directions using basic locomotor skills, and demonstrate understanding of personal and general space
  2. Demonstrate balance

Standard 2. Physical and Personal Wellness

  1. Recognize the positive feelings experienced during and after physical activity

Standard 4. Prevention and Risk Management

  1. Apply safe practices, rules, and procedures

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Colorado Academic Standards Reading, Writing, and Communicating Graphic (small)

Reading, Writing, and Communicating Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Oral Expression and Listening

  1. Conceptual understanding conveyed through vocabulary words can occur using a variety of modalities
  2. Listening and comprehension skills are required to be clearly understood
  3. Early knowledge of phonemic awareness is the building block of understanding language

Standard 2. Reading for All Purposes

  1. Print conveys meaning
  2. Symbol, object, and letter recognition is a fundamental of reading and requires accuracy and speed

Standard 3. Writing and Composition

  1. Pictures express ideas
  2. Letters are formed with accuracy

Standard 4. Research and Reasoning

  1. Relevant information is different from non-relevant information
  2. Problems can be identified and possible solutions can be created

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Science Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Physical Science

  1. Objects have properties and characteristics
  2. There are cause-and-effect relationships in everyday experiences

Standard 2. Life Science

  1. Living things have characteristics and basic needs
  2. Living things develop in predictable patterns

Standard 3. Earth Systems Science

  1. Earth’s materials have properties and characteristics that affect how we use those materials
  2. Events such as night, day, the movement of objects in the sky, weather, and seasons have patterns

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Social Studies Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. History

  1. Change and sequence over time

Standard 2. Geography

  1. Develop spatial understanding, perspectives, and connections to the world

Standard 3. Economics

  1. People work to meet wants
  2. Recognize money and identify its purpose (PFL)

Standard 4. Civics

  1. Individuals have unique talents but also work with others in groups
  2. Rules and their purpose in allowing groups to work effectively

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Visual Arts Grade Level Expectations:

Standard 1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend

  1. Artists and viewers identify art in daily life

Standard 2. Envision and Critique to Reflect

  1. Works of art can represent people, places, and things

Standard 3. Invent and Discover to Create

  1. Create works of art based on personal relevance

Standard 4. Relate and Connect to Transfer

  1. Artists have an important role in communities

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Colorado Academic Standards World Languages Graphic (small)

World Languages Focus of Each Range Level Expectation:

Standard 1. Communication in Languages Other Than English

  1. Focus: Interpersonal Communication Mode
  2. Focus: Interpretive Communication Mode
  3. Focus: Presentational Communication Mode

Standard 2. Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures

  1. Focus: Perspectives and Practices
  2. Focus: Perspectives and Products

Standard 3. Connections with Other Disciplines and Information Acquisition

  1. Focus: Target Language Resources Connected to Other Content Areas
  2. Focus: Information and Viewpoints in Authentic Resources

Standard 4. Comparisons to Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture

  1. Focus: Similarities and Difference between target language and student's own
  2. Focus: Similarities and Difference between target culture(s) and student's own

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