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Elementary Education Resources (P-6)

To better support elementary educators who are responsible to deliver instruction for multiple content areas, these grade level pages bring together the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) and the resources which have been developed to support implementation.

Grade level pages are organized by content area and provide easy access to the resources described below.

Colorado Academic Standards are separated into grade level content specific booklets.

Curriculum Overview Samples were written by and for Colorado educators as a way to understand and translate the CAS into curriculum. The overviews provide organizing structures for addressing the grade level expectations (GLEs), evidence outcomes (EOs) and 21st century skills that build students’ mastery of the standards at each grade level.

Instructional Unit Samples are based on the curriculum overview samples. These teacher-authored units include learning experiences, teacher and student resources, assessment ideas, and differentiation options.

Family and Community Guides to the CAS were created to help families and communities better understand the goals and outcomes of the standards. They provide summaries of the learning expectations for each of the ten content areas of the standards and offer examples of educational experiences in which students may engage throughout the year.

Vertical Progressions offer at-a-glance lists of aligned grade level expectations from preschool through high school designed to guide teaching and learning toward preparing students to be college and career ready.

Content Connections are designed to provide examples of cross-content (multi-disciplinary) connections within the CAS at grades kindergarten through 5. The connections provided are only a small sampling of the possibilities. Elementary educators teaching standards in multiple content areas can build interdisciplinary instructional plans using Content Connection samples or find unique connections of their own.

Standards Graphic Organizers are teacher-created representations of topics, concepts, and skills evident in the CAS. These sample graphic organizers are grade level and content specific.

Family and Community Guide Example

Family and Community Guide Image

Vertical Progression Example

Vertical Progression Image

Standards Graphic Organizer Example

Standards Graphic Organizer Image

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