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Standards Review and Revision - Public Observation Norms

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

Standards Review and Revision Committee
Public Observation Norms

Thank you for your interest in observing the Standards Review and Revision Committee Meetings. Committee meetings are open to the public. The public can observe but not participate. Make every effort to observe proceedings at the times scheduled to limit interruptions after the proceedings have begun.

While in the meeting, please observe the following norms:


  1. Be punctual.  Try to arrive before the committee work time has begun to minimize disruptions.
  2. Be respectful of time.  If you cannot stay the whole day, then please plan on staying until a break (e.g., lunch) in order to limit disruptions.

  3. Be quiet and respectful of all committee conversations and opinions.

  4. Be mindful of technology use. Cell phones should be muted and calls should be taken outside.

  5. Be respectful of others in the audience who may have differing views.

  6. Be seated in the designated seating area only.

  7. When you leave a room, hold your conversations until your entire group has left the room and the doors have closed.

  8. Keep your conversations in the hallways quiet to avoid disrupting the proceedings.

  9. Be aware that photography and videography are not allowed.