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Teacher/Student Data Link - Timeline

Below are the milestones for the Teacher/Student Data Link project.

Date Milestone Status
March 2011 Identify pilot districts

April 2011 EDAC approval

May 2011 Finalize definition for Educator of Record

August 2011 Develop training materials In Progress
September 2011 Teacher/student Data Link pilot begins In Progress
February 2012 Standard Course Code System Approved for Statewide implementation

June 2012 Data analysis from pilot In Progress
August 2012 Develop Guidance for Determining Educator of Record In Progress
September 2012 Collection modifications Not Started
October 2012 Roster Verification Pilot begins Not Started
December 2012 Final EDAC approval Not Started
January 2013 Train and assist additional district adoption Not Started
May 2013 All districts to have their courses mapped in the Standard Course Code System In Progress
September 2013 Teacher/Student Data Link collection begins for all districts Not Started
October 2013 Roster Verification Pilot begins Not Started

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