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Teacher/Student Data Link - Project Details

What's Happening Now:

CDE has identified 7 pilot districts to assist in the submission of the Student Data Linked data and to date, three districts have provided that data.

CDE is also partnering with the Battelle for Kids in implementing a pilot of their Roster Verification tool in October 2012.

What's on the Horizon:

Over the summer CDE will perform data analysis on the TSDL data to further refine business rules in preparation for the September 2013 TSDL data collection. Standard Course Codes training will be provided to further assist districts in mapping of their courses to the state standard courses.

CDE and the Battelle for Kids will work on identifying pilot districts and begin the training and implementation of the Roster Verification Tool.

Important Upcoming Deadlines:

June 2012 – Collect TSDL data from pilot districts

July 2012 – Provide additional training on the Standard Course Codes system

June 2012 – September 2012 – Analyze TSDL data and refine business rules

October 2012 – Pilot Roster Verification System

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