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Preschool Outcomes (Indicator 7) Certification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In order to strengthen data quality for Preschool Outcomes (Indicator 7), we are asking all directors to certify the number of children whose assessment data will be included in the Preschool Outcomes indicator as reflected in the online assessment system.

Why am I being asked to certify these data?

The CDE’s Data Pipeline interchanges do not indicate which children have experienced an eligible exit from preschool special education services. Therefore, we cannot validate the number of children flagged for the Preschool Outcomes indicator from the online assessment systems. Most preschool teachers and administrators are using the OSEP Exit process already. We are asking you to work with them to make sure all of the children who should be flagged for the Preschool Outcomes indicator reporting are reflected in the online assessment system.

How do Preschool Outcomes data get reported?

Assessment system administrators must “OSEP exit” children from the online system. The OSEP exit flags children to be included in the Preschool Outcomes indicator for the current school year. Behind the scenes, the assessment data are then automatically converted to an appropriate format for the Preschool Outcomes indicator.

How do I certify my AU’s Preschool Outcomes data?

Certification forms are posted to the Attachments area in the Profile tab of the ESSU Data Management System (DMS) in late May. Please download, sign, and upload the attachment to Attachments area in the Profile tab of the DMS. Use the current file name, just add “signed” to the end.

What should I do if the number in my certification form is not correct?

Discrepancies can be fixed by following the OSEP exit instructions. Some of you may have access to GOLD® online to do this yourself. Others may need to collaborate with the appropriate assessment system administrator(s). If you do not know who the administrator is, please contact Tanna George (contact info below). When you have finished making corrections, please contact Tanna George for assistance with recreating the form and re-posting for signature.

Note: some school districts may still be wrapping up OSEP exits at the time the certification snapshot is taken. However, we want to be sure you have enough time to correct any OSEP exit errors before summer break.

What is the deadline for completing OSEP Exits and certifications?

COB July 15, 2020. The official Preschool Outcomes snapshot will be taken July 16.

Who at CDE can help?

If you have more questions, please contact:

Tanna George

Data Coordinator

Preschool through Third Grade Office


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