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ASCENT Slot Request Process

NEW: 2022-23 ASCENT Slot Request Update

If your school district is planning to participate in the ASCENT program next year, please review the following materials with important updates: 

2022-23 ASCENT Intent to Participate – Due May 2:

The ASCENT Intent to Participate online form is now closed.

2022-23 Request Unused ASCENT Slots - Due July 25

Please email Michelle Romero by July 25, 2022, if your district/charter school would like to request unused ASCENT slots that may be returned to the Department by other LEPs for the 2022-23 school year. Include your district/authorizer name, district/authorizer code # and number of additional slots your district/charter school can still use. If you request additional slots, please ensure that these slots will be used by eligible students during the 2022-23 school year.

2022-23 Return ASCENT Slots - Due August 1

Please email Michelle Romero as soon as possible or by August 1, 2022 if your district/charter school will not use and therefore is able to return any of your new 2021-22 allocated slots so that they can be reallocated to LEPs with students who want to participate in ASCENT. Releasing your unused slot(s) by August 2nd will allow your district/authorizer to avoid carrying forward this slot into 2023-24 and thus avoid carrying forward 2022-23 ASCENT funding into the 2023-24 school year.


2022-23 ASCENT Student Coding Webinar – TBA

CDE’s offices of School Auditing, October Student Count and Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness will host a training and Q&A webinar that covers the funding requirements and proper student coding for the 2022-23 ASCENT program. The webinar is scheduled on: TBA.


***Some important things to keep in mind to determine the number of slots you request**

Who can request ASCENT slots?

Local Education Providers

  • Districts
  • District Charter Schools
  • Institute Charter Schools

*CDE, on behalf of the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board, recommends that if a school district is participating in ASCENT, a district charter school within that district should request ASCENT slots with their authorizing district.

ASCENT slots are not the same as headcount:

  • 1 ASCENT slot = 1 full-time OR 2 part-time students
    • Full-time = 12+ postsecondary credit hours in fall semester
    • Part-time = 3-11 postsecondary credit hours in fall semester
  • Example: 4 students interested in ASCENT
    • 2 full-time (= 2 slots)
    • 2 part-time (= 1 slot)
    • Request 3 ASCENT slots total
  • Home study students enrolled in ASCENT are only eligible for part-time funding

Students should continue to pursue postsecondary opportunities:

Submitting request does NOT guarantee full funding of request; therefore, it is important to continue assisting students to determine if ASCENT is the best fit for student, both financially and in alignment with postsecondary goals.  Potential ASCENT students should continue to:

  • Research career and/or military opportunities
  • Apply to relevant postsecondary institutions/programs
  • Apply for eligible scholarships

2022-23 ASCENT Slot Requests Process

  •  CDE will not require districts to submit a list of eligible students.  However, it is highly recommended that each district/school maintain its own list/documentation.
  •  August 1, 2022 is the deadline to notify CDE to decrease your new slot request.

ASCENT Allocation Model

The Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board developed a system to equitably allocate ASCENT slots to local education providers (LEP) in the event that the number of qualified students exceeds the number of funded slots:

Currently participating LEPs will receive a minimum number of ASCENT slots equal to those utilized by students during the current school year.

  • New LEPs will receive up to 10 slots for the first year or the number requested if less than 10
  • If additional spaces are available, half the remaining slots will be distributed via the LEPs free and reduced lunch (FRL) rate as a proration
  • The other half of remaining slots will be proportionally distributed based on LEP size, to LEPs that did not receive spaces under the FRL distribution
  • Unused slots may be returned to the general pool and reallocated to LEPs.


Michelle Romero
Phone: 303-877-4155