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Upcoming PBIS Trainings

2018-19 PBIS within an MTSS Framework Training Series

What is it?

The Office of Learning Supports at the Colorado Department of Education is pleased to announce a year-long training series for District-level Coaches and their accompanying school-based leadership teams. Using a new training model, our goal is to continue scaling up and rejuvenating Colorado PBIS!  

Who is it for?

District-level Coaches and their accompanying school-based leadership teams. A District-level Coach is someone who has dedicated FTE to coaching schools with the implementation and sustainability of universal/schoolwide social/emotional/behavioral efforts. This person may or may not be based within a school. A school-based leadership team is a team whose mission it is to prioritize, develop, and implement evidence-based practices to improve the school culture and climate. 

When is it? 

2018-19 School Year

District-level Coaches will:

  • Receive ongoing technical assistance and support from the CDE Office of Learning Supports staff through:
    • 5 face-to-face contact points, such as workshops, site visits, and regional coaching meetings
    • Ongoing correspondence and communication
  • Network with other district-level coaches across the state
  • Enhance skills in the area of technical assistance and coaching
  • Have access to training materials and resources
  • Identify a few number of school teams to receive 4 days of training throughout the year

School-based Leadership Teams will:

  • Receive 4 high-quality days of training of PBIS within an MTSS Framework, including Tier 1 and problem solving across the tiers. 
  • Have ongoing support from their coach 

Readiness Documents and Materials

Click here for the recorded webinar

What have attendees said about our 2017/18 Training Series?

"The school-level PBIS training sessions provided strategic insights, excellent networking, and effective team-building times throughout the year. I now feel better equipped to coach teachers and administrators in system-wide implementation."

Matt Hughes, Implementation Coach, Thompson School District

"[The series] allowed us to get all staff members on the same page as we have brand new staff and people that have been here for many years. We were able to identify what is already in place and what needs to be done this next year as we move forward. The surveys allowed us to see what our staff’s highest priorities that are not currently in place, giving us the road map for our...Action Plan. We would highly recommend this training to other schools no matter where you are in your PBIS journey. Jason and Lynne can provide the support and information you need. The chance to collaborate with other schools and share ideas was also very beneficial and a rare opportunity!"

Valerie Zell, Intervention Coordinator, Poudre School District

"Through this year of training, we have seen positive outcomes and know that full implementation will bring a shift in mindset to our school.  PBIS within MTSS is providing us the framework to focus on positive behaviors while managing the unwanted behaviors.  It also gives us the platform to set clear expectations for students and staff.  Using data, we will monitor our implementation process and be able to ensure we are implementing with fidelity."

Elizabeth Riggleman, Counselor, Wray High School 

"The PBIS within an MTSS Framework yearlong training was an opportunity for schools to systematically establish or reinvigorate the essential elements of PBIS. District coaches were given the tools to support their schools with separate days to prepare beforehand and schools were given ample time to work in their teams to dig into their data and plan accordingly. For any school that is looking to strengthen or launch PBIS, and dedicated to committing to team-driven shared leadership-this series is well worth the time."

Camille Rossi, MTSS Community Partner, Aurora Public Schools

PBIS within MTSS: Universal Training (3-day Event)

What is it? 

A 3-day training on universal/Tier 1 PBIS within MTSS for schools teams. It is structured to have two days of initial training (Sept 4 and 5) and a third day on Feb 13. Participants will learn the structure and features of Tier 1 PBIS. They will leave the training with products to implement PBIS Tier 1 and a plan for implementation.

Who should attend? 

School-based leadership or PBIS team. Attendees must be a part of a team to attend. A team consists of a minimum of 3 people and the principal or administrator must be one of the members that attends. The principal must also complete the School Readiness Checklist. School teams that attend may also send a coach to the 4-day coaches days that are a part of the Training Series mentioned above.

You can find the School Readiness checklist for this event here. Please email the completed checklist to Jason Harlacher.

Register here!

Space is limited! Register early!

When is it? 

Sept 4 and 5, 2018 and then Feb 13, 2019

Where is it?

Summit County School District Central Office. 150 School Road, Frisco, CO 80443 

Previous Trainings and Content

Tier 2 Two-Day Institute (June 27 & 28, 2018)
CICO Tier 2 (April 20, 2018)
PBIS within an MTSS Framework Training: A Tier 1 Systems-Level Training (Oct 19 & 20, 2017)

PBIS within MTSS Universal/Tier 1 Trainings, 2017-18:

Tier 2 Training on June 29, 2017:


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