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Upcoming PBIS Trainings

2019-20 PBIS within MTSS Tier 1 Advanced Training Series

The Office of Learning Supports is providing an Advanced Tier 1 PBIS Training Series designed to support school level leadership teams move their school from initial implementation to full implementation and sustainability. Emphasis will be placed on prioritizing outcomes, using the problem solving model to move from problem statements toward solutions, and creating an action plan to integrate trauma responses approaches and other social, emotional initiatives into an organized system. This training is a team training and is designed to support schools already implementing PBIS, scoring between 45 and 80 on formal PBIS fidelity Measures (TFI. BoQ).  At least 3 members from the same school must attend in order to be considered a team. Consistent membership for all 3 days is critical to achieve intended outcomes.

This training includes 4 coach-level days for an identified coach/team lead and 3 school-days for school-level teams to attend. The in-person coaches' days are Aug 28, Oct 23, Jan 22, and April 29. The school-level days are November 1, January 24 and May 1.   

These coaches' days are aligned with the PBIS within MTSS Integrated 3-Year Series, but will be differentiated according to the needs of the coach and the school(s) with which they serve.  Please note: All schools wishing to attend the school level days must have one person attending the coaches days.  In some cases, this may be someone working at the district.  We will follow-up with all registered schools to make sure that a person within their district/school has also registers for the Differentiated Coaches Series.

Click the following link to register for the 3 school-level days of the Advanced Tier 1 Training Series.  Advanced Tier 1 Training Series-School Days

Tier 1 Advanced Series Calendar

Tier 1 TFI Scoring and Criteria Sheet

2019-20 PBIS within MTSS Integrated 3-Year Series

We are pleased to announce a three year training series for District-level Coaches and their accompanying school-based leadership teams. For the series, our intent is to start with exploration and infrastructure development for the effective initial implementation of PBIS at Tier 1 during the first year, provide follow-up and support opportunities to move into full implementation at tier 1 during year 2, and install systems and structures for tier 2 during year 3. The term “integration” that is embedded within the title of this training opportunity refers to our ongoing effort to fully align and integrate bullying prevention within universal implementation of PBIS. Schools partnering with us through this training series will be equipped to more fully address the culture and climate of their school by creating equitable environments and create a framework that matches supports to students’ needs. Our goal is to continue scaling up and rejuvenating Colorado PBIS across the tiers!   

Readiness Documents and Materials

What have attendees said about our previous Training Series?

“The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the state has made this one of the most valuable professional development experiences I've ever had.”

 Cindy McKee, Teacher and District Emergency Operations Coordinator, Gunnison School District

"In the first year of implementing PBIS in our building, we have reduced our behavior referrals by almost one half!  This has given me 56 days back to work on instruction with teachers and to continue to build a positive school culture instead of work on discipline!"

Ashley Winnen, Ed. D, Assistant Principal Homestake Peak School in Eagle County School District

”Our team has attended each meeting led by fantastic CDE people and feel that this has benefited the progress of our school so much!  It's so helpful to hear from other schools about their successes and get ideas on moving forward with our school.  This support is so valuable to the success of the implementation of PBIS!!”

Gigi Whalen, Principal, Douglas County School District 

“The PBIS Framework Series Training has brought an engaging opportunity for school-level teams to tackle the real-life work in our buildings. The presenters are so well-versed in the content and provide practical applications tailored to each school. Providing the framework needed to implement PBIS has allowed our teams to make systemic progress, with both students and staff, in desired outcomes for positive behavior, culture and climate...”

Niki Van Essen, Bully Prevention Implementation Coordinator, Thompson School District

 ”I encourage all schools, EC-12, to participate in CDE's PBIS Training Series! CDE does a phenomenal job meeting schools where they're at  in terms of PBIS implementation and roll-out, and provides comprehensive, applicable, and transformational guidance for schools and districts across our state, that results in improved behaviors, academics, school-wide discipline structures, and family partnerships.  As a PBIS Coach, I leave every session and series with valuable information to share with schools and have seen schools significantly enhance their PBIS structures…”

Erika Lopez, PBIS Coach, Thompson School District