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Examples of Tier 2 Interventions for an Elementary School


Check In, Check Out


Student checks in each day with an adult to review goals and progress on his or her CICO sheet. The adult provides positive feedback and reinforcement for progress toward meeting goals and exhibiting desired behaviors. Staff provide feedback on behaviors throughout the day at specified times. The student "checks out" with the adult at the end of the day and takes home the CICO sheet for the parent/guardian(s) to review and sign.


CICO data are recorded daily for at least twenty school days. Individual goals may be set based on baseline for determining student rewards. However, the schoolwide CICO goal is that student earns 80 percent of points 80 percent of time for at least twenty school days before moving to CICO plus self-monitoring.


Student is assigned a mentor teacher who makes a point of having a positive connection and interaction with the student daily. 

Students are assigned a mentor teacher/staff member who connects with the student at least twice per week. Mentor checks in about specific behaviors the student has struggled with (for example, homework, peer relationships, attendance) and provides a positive connection with the student. Team monitors student ODR data and obtains teacher input for student success or need for more structured tier two intervention (for example, Check In/Check Out, social skills).

Social Skills Group

Students meet in small groups once or twice weekly for direct skill instruction with a staff member (e.g., teacher, counselor, school psychologist). The target skills are identified based on student need identified by various assessments. 

Team groups students according to target social skills. They track specific data on the targeted skill by providing teachers of students in the groups with target skill tickets (for example, if group is working on hand raising, tickets for raising hand). When student engages in target skill, teacher gives ticket. Students bring tickets back to group to exchange for acknowledgments. Teachers provide a quick rating on a Likert scale of student success in engaging in current target behavior as well as the previously targeted behavior and the upcoming target behavior (with the upcoming target rating serving as baseline for the yet-to-be targeted skills).

Source: Harlacher & Rodriguez, 2017

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