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Examples of Schoolwide Behavior Expectations for Middle Schools

Middle Schools

Be Safe, Be Responsible, Show Respect

Be On Time, Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be Safe

High Five: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Follow Directions, Keep Hands & Feet to Yourself, Be There & Be Ready 1 *Can raise an open hand as a signal to “show me the expectations

SOAR: Safety, Ownership, Actively Engaged, Respect 2

PAWS: Practice Respect, Act Responsibility, Work Diligently, Stay Safe

POWER: Perseverance, Ownership, Work Together, Engagement, Respect

PRIDE: Productivity, Respect, Integrity, Dedicated, Empathy

ROAR: Respect, Organization, Attentive, Responsibility

Cowden-Herrick CUSD 3A
Cowden, IL

Lenihan Intermediate School
Marshalltown, IA

FEES College Prep Middle School
Tempe, AZ


Willow Glen Middle School
San Jose, CA


1 Taylor-Greene, S., Brown, D., Nelson, L., Longton, J., Gassman, T., Cohen, J., Swartz, J., Horner, R. H., Sugai, G., & Hall, S. (1997). School-wide behavioral support: Starting the year off right. Journal of Behavioral Education, 7, 99-112. 

2 Eagleview Middle School, Colorado Springs, CO