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Best Practices for Bullying Prevention and Intervention

The United States federal government has put forth recommendations for best practices in bully prevention and intervention. These practices are:
  1. Commit to creating and sustaining a positive school environment in your school.
  2. Form or identify existing team to coordinate bully prevention efforts
  3. Regularly assess and monitor prevention efforts (e.g. climate survey and behavioral incident data)
  4. Garner staff, parent, and community support and build partnerships
  5. Establish or revise and enforce school policies and procedures related to best practices in bullying prevention and intervention
  6. Increase active adult supervision in “hot spots” where bullying occurs
  7. Intervene immediately, consistently, equitably, and appropriately when bullying behavior occurs
  8. Dedicate class time to teaching and empowering students in bullying awareness and skills in prevention, appropriate intervention, and reporting
  9. Utilize culturally responsive strategies, and skills that are inclusive and enhance communication and relationship building.
  10. Continue to implement, update, and monitor these efforts over time.

These practices have been adapted from the following resources found at:

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