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Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Office

*Note: This sub-office is a part of the Information Management Services (IMS) Unit

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has received two Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grants funded by the U.S. Department of Education. One was issued in 2007 for $4.7M and the other in 2009 for $17.4M. The current 2009 grant runs until June of 2013. The office of SLDS, organizationally housed within IMS, is the program management team responsible for oversight, delivery and assuring that all the grant outcomes are met.

Address: 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80203
Room Number(s): 508

Unit Supervisor: Marcia Bohannon
Administrative Lead: Katy Jackson
Lead Email Address:
Lead Phone Number: 303-866-6686


Office Responsibilities

  • This unit manages multiple projects that will put into place the systems necessary for different stakeholders to request and receive data on specific students or groups of students. From this data, trends and patterns may be researched, and results fed back to policy makers and educators for improved decision-making. Because of the nature of this work, there are no ongoing tasks performed from here. But when the grant is over (June of 2013), there will be ongoing maintenance tasks associated with the technological systems implemented, as well as maintenance of the newly established processes associated with RISE. An example of a newly implemented system is the Data Pipeline Project
  • Data Governance- New processes are currently being developed by the RISE Program Management team to help CDE and the districts manage their data more consistently and effectively, and once complete, there will be ongoing Data Governance meetings necessary to manage the processes and keep improving CDE’s data management. Main contact for the Data Governance implementation is Marcia Bohannon (

Major Projects

  • Data Pipeline Project – The system used by Colorado school districts to report their K12 data to CDE for reporting requirements of all kinds. The Data Pipeline system is new under RISE, and is replacing an antiquated system called Automated Date Exchange (ADE) which has been used since the 1990’s. The new system will be easier to use and will lessen the reporting redundancies.
  • P20 Data Link – Link data and digital content about students and educators with records from relevant state agencies (Dept of Higher Ed, Dept of Labor, etc.) using a state-of-the-art data system. Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT)is managing the work for this particular project, focusing initially on the RISE agencies and deliverables. After the technology is built and CDE’s RISE needs are met, OIT will use the technology to link other agency data together.
  • Teacher Student Data Link – Develop a reliable and accurate teacher/student data link to ensure data-driven efforts. This link enables the state to connect students with the educators responsible for their learning. The aim is for the system to provide dynamic data that enables users to learn from the past and understand the present so that they can take appropriate actions to impact the future. This project supports Educator Effectiveness efforts.
  • CDE and RISE Data Governance - The role of Governance in RISE is to offer a decision-making mechanism that consists of committees, review boards and policy-makers. Members of the high level executive steering governance committee focus on strategy, investment and architecture. They also have responsibility to assign the decision-making authority and accountability for all data elements.
  • Organizational Change Management – Due to the magnitude of upcoming projects and process changes across Colorado’s education landscape, a specific project is devoted to preparing districts, schools, data experts (spanning preschool through to workforce)and other stakeholders for the changes that RISE could potentially bring. This includes clarifying messaging from the top down, utilizing industry best practices in change management techniques, and monitoring and measuring the progress of stakeholders as they move along the change spectrum. In short, this effort is to reduce the inherent risk that always comes with large magnitude change.
  • State Equal Project – This project upgrades outdated legacy system technology with a web-enabled system that aligns with the current IMS Development standards. This system is used by the Public School Finance Unit.

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