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Improvement Planning Unit Overview

  • Provide a process for meeting the Federal and State accountability of improvement planning requirements (e.g., creation and revision of the Unified Improvement Planning (UIP) templates, implementing the process of reviewing unified improvement plans, assisting districts with submitting their improvement plans to CDE for public posting on SchoolView and subsequently preparing the plans for public posting).
  • Offer direct support to districts and schools engaging in the improvement planning process by facilitating trainings throughout the state, creating and updating online resources, and making available a Unified Improvement Planning Cadre as resource.
  • Develop resources and supports tailored for districts/schools on Priority Improvement or Turnaround status that increases the likelihood of successful implementation of the improvement plans. This includes the administration of the biennial TELL Colorado survey.
  • Provide a consistent process and framework for CDE staff to engage with districts/schools – and support staff (as needed).

Address: 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80203
Room Number(s): 400

Unit Supervisor: Lisa Medler
Administrative Lead: Kirby Stein
Lead Email Address:
Lead Phone Number: 303-866-6108

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Office Responsibilities

  • Improvement Plan Management: Update common template, coordinate the alignment of other programs included in the Unified Improvement Plan or using the Unified Improvement Plan as part of the RFP process, ensure participating programs’ requirements are included, collect plans, post plans publicly.
  • Plan Review Coordination: Coordinate review processes (e.g., recruit reviewers, review, logistics, refine feedback).
  • Plan Supports: Provide trainings to the field and CDE (e.g., regional trainings, online tutorials), develop supporting resources (e.g., quality criteria, UIP Handbook, annotated examples), and coordinate the TLCC survey.
  • Coordinate supports for improvement planning across the department.

Major Projects

  • Incorporate alignment of the improvement planning template with new legislative requirements: The READ Act-Lisa Medler (
  • Help to develop and coordinate the Coordinated Support Teams designed to provide in-depth, relational support to districts in Priority Improvement and Turnaround status-Lisa Medler (

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