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Innovation Learning Office

The Innovation Learning Office works in partnership with the Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) to ignite the unique potential of every student through the creation and delivery of dramatically personalized learning experiences. The initiative seeks to creatively and systemically integrate a vast range of new and existing next generation teaching and learning tools, resources, modules and approaches into more personalized, engaging and relevant learning experiences that tap into each student's passions, interests and learning styles inside and outside of the classroom. Next gen learning enhances educator effectiveness and the use of existing resources to improve student outcomes and create competent, confident learners who are more empowered, better supported and fully prepared for education, careers and life. 

Address: 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80203
Room Number(s): 302, 300D

Unit Supervisor: Gretchen Morgan
Administrative Lead: Ellen Porter
Lead Email Address:
Lead Phone Number: 303-866-3295


Office Responsibilities

  • Next Generation Learning Coordinator and main contact is Laura Noonan,
  • Advance the next generation learning vision statewide
  • Develop strategies to integrate next gen content and ways of working into other CDE reform initiatives including educator effectiveness, as well as standards and assessments
  • Develop a policy framework to help inform the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions
  • Document existing digital and blended learning including outcomes, applications and partners
  • Identify and communicate often with partners and key individuals

Major Projects

  • Partnerships with 2Revolutions to lead schools through short-cycle innovations and to connect to each other through networks
  • TIME Collaborative (with National Center for Time and Learning) working with select districts/schools to rethink use of time
  • Build pipeline of district/school innovators and create environments for innovation at all levels through events and convenings 
  • Work to expand blended learning environments
  • Support and promote early adopters of the next gen. vision, including grantees from the ELO RFP

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