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Administrator's Reference Manual

Section 1Names / Addresses / Phone Numbers  (Under construction)
Section 2

Application Agreement (updated 10/2013)

Policy Statement (updated 10/2013)

Hearing and Appeal Process (updated 10/2013)

Section 3Civil Rights Assurance (updated 8/2013)

And Justice For All Poster

Section 4Disciplinary Action (updated 12/2013)
Section 5Meal Pricing (updated 8/2012)
Section 6School Food Service Funding (under construction)
Section 7Ethics
Section 8Required Records (updated 12/2013)
Section 9Determining Eligibility (updated 9/2013)
Direct Certification (updated 8/2013)
Head Start (updated 9/2013)
Provisional Programs (updated 9/2013)
Section 10Verification (updated 8/2013)
Section 11

Counting and Claiming (updated 12/2013)

Counting and Claiming Presentation (PPT)

Section 12

National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Meal Patterns 2014-2015 (updated 8/2014)

School Breakfast Program (SBP) Meal Patterns 2014-2015 (updated 8/2014)

Section 13Special Dietary Needs / Disabled (updated 8/2013)
Section 14After School Snack Program (updated 8/2013)
Section 15Miscellaneous Service Information  (updated 10/2013)
Section 16Competitive Food Policy (updated 9/2013)
Section 17USDA - Donated Foods (updated 8/2013)
Section 18School Food Service - Related Programs (updated 09/2014)
Section 19Student / Parent Involvement in NSLP
Section 20Food Management Companies (updated 8/2012)
Section 21Sanitation and Food Handling (updated 8/2013)

Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations (updated 8/2013)

Section 22Resources (Under construction)
Section 23Dietary Guidelines for Americans (Under construction)
Section 24Procurement (updated 8/2012)
Section 25Healthy School Environment (Under construction)
Section 26History (Under construction)
Section 27

CRE Self-Tracking Checklist

Document will be updated at a later time.

Section 28Emergency Feeding (updated 8/2013)
Section 29Index(Under construction)



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