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HealthierUS School Challenge

USDA Guidance

  • USDA Team Nutrition Website
  • Become a Team Nutrition (TN) School
    • Note: To apply for an HUSSC award, each school must first join Team Nutrition.
  • Award Winning Schools
    • Congratulations to Weld County School District 6 for receiving the following thirteen HUSSC awards in February, 2014 –
        • Centennial Elementary School (Bronze)
        • Dos Rios Elementary School (Silver)
        • East Memorial Elementary School (Silver)
        • Heiman Elementary School (Bronze)
        • Jackson Elementary School (Silver)
        • Madison Elementary School (Silver)
        • Maplewood Elementary School (Silver)
        • Martinez Elementary School (Silver)
        • Meeker Elementary School (Bronze)
        • Monfort Elementary School (Bronze)
        • Romero Elementary School (Silver)
        • Scott Elementary School (Bronze)
        • Shawsheen Elementary School (Silver)

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What to Include in Your Application

  • A completed HUSSC Application.
  • Copies of the School Wellness Policy and Team Nutrition Verification
  • Copies of monthly menus for reimbursable school breakfast and lunches served in your school or institution
    • Note: Menus must reflect two consecutive full weeks.  A “full week” refers to the regular weekly cycle under which the school operates. A “full week” does not contain missed days due to holidays, teacher workdays, shortened school days, inclement weather closings, or other days missed due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Supporting documentation including: recipes, food product ingredient statements, and/or Nutrition Facts labels to verify that the criteria have been met for the following: Whole-grain products; a la carte, snack bar, and vended items sold anytime, anywhere on the school campus



  • Supporting documentation for the two-weeks of menus submitted is required, including:
    • Lunch 6-Cent Certification Worksheets completed for the two-week menu period (nutrient analyses are not required)
    • Copies of production records for the 2 weeks (not required for bronze level)
      • Must indicate the actual daily meal count (students and adults); menu items used to meet meal pattern requirements, planned portion sizes by age/grade; quantities prepared for each menu item and a la carte items sold on the serving line with the reimbursable meal (if applicable), and leftover servings
    • Product information, such as Nutrition Facts labels, ingredient statements, recipes, and CN labels
    • Whole grain-rich documentation
    • According to what foods are offered on the menu and as competitive foods, schools may also need to submit product formulation statements from the manufacturer, or copies of the actual product label. In some cases, copies of the front and back of the actual product label may be necessary. Information on acceptable product documentation, including those from the Internet or manufacturer product fact sheets, is described in the guidance memo TA 07-2010.



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