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2014 Directors' Conference

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Naomi Steenson, Director of Nutrition Services and BASE at Adams 12 and ACSN Board Member may have described all of the food service superheroes in Colorado when she said:  “We have many superheroes (in Adams 12) that work hard out in the kitchen and save the day by feeding our students healthy and nutritious meals! They put on their best smiles and greet the students with hugs and smiles. So many times they are the best part of the student's day. And then there are the superheroes that work behind the scenes, supporting the superheroes out in the kitchen. Sometimes you never know they are there because they are supporting the whole district from an office. But they swoop in and assess, train, mentor, and support staff, and then they are gone in a flash, supporting another task. This is a difficult task as superhero supervisors must implement new guidelines and lead a large group to meet the many multi-faceted challenges Nutrition Services programs are facing. (In Adams 12,) we are so thankful for our superheroes. And while we have only mentioned a few, we recognize that our team is made up lots of superheroes. They are always there to save the day providing our students with a healthy meal so that they can go back to the classroom and learn. Thank you to all Nutrition Services staff for making a fun and healthy contribution to the learning environment!”

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