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Direct Certification of Migrant Students

Direct Certification of Migrant Students

The CDE OSN receives weekly lists of Colorado migrant students. These migrant student lists will be made available to districts in order to directly certify migrant students for free meals. Previously, you have received this information from your district migrant liaison. Now, with CDE receiving this information, these weekly lists will increase the frequency that districts will be able to directly certify migrant students. 

How will the weekly procedure work?

  1. Migrant student lists will be shared weekly through Syncplicity, a secure file sharing server
  • District contacts will receive an email to create a Syncplicity login OR to view the shared file (if the district contact already has an existing Syncplicity account)
  • Districts will be able to open the excel file in Syncplicity and view the list of migrant students in their district. Districts need to directly certify these students for free meals.
  1. Upon direct certification of the migrant students, the district will
  • Notify families of their eligibility for free price meals. Please ensure your letters meet all requirements (review page 47 of the eligibility manual).
  • Date and sign a printed copy of the excel file for the district records
  • Label directly certified students as migrant in their benefit issuance system and/or point-of-sale (POS)
  1. Districts will email Rachael Burnham a confirmation with the number of migrant students who have been directly certified from the weekly list.


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