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Research and Evaluation

Definition of Research for CDE

CDE defines research to include data analyses, survey results, program evaluations, literature reviews, and formal research studies that provide answers to critical questions that help CDE advance its strategic goals.

Principles to Guide CDE’s Research Priorities

  • Answer critical questions that will help the state achieve its goals
  • Advance Colorado’s targeted outcomes for all students
  • Inform state policy leaders and classroom educators regarding large scale reform investments of monies and effort
  • Reveal effective use of taxpayer dollars and help CDE distinguish between projects that need improvement and those that need to be eliminated
  • Be relevant, useful and accessible to CDE staff and the field

  • Enhance Colorado’s ability to:
    • Predict, identify, and diagnose implementation gaps;
    • Understand performance trends and the drivers of those trends;
    • Determine the impact of and/or return on investment of our efforts; and/or
    • Identify effective interventions and best practices worthy of using statewide

CDE’s Research Partners

CDE has worked with a range of research partners who have helped us address critical questions. CDE encourages others to consider working with us. Past partners include:

  • Institutions of Higher Education
  • REL Central
  • Select doctoral students
  • WestEd and the Southwest Comprehensive Center

Research and Data Requests

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