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Enrich System Features for Educators and Administrators During COVID-19

COVID-19 and Special Education

View information for educators and parents to support students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 resources for special education

The CDE in collaboration with Frontline Education has identified readily available features for Educators and Administrators. In addition, Frontline Education has developed a new feature that allows team review of documents, limited parent access to drafts of documents, and electronic signature capabilities to any document. 

Most features have been demonstrated to the Administrative Unit (AU) Data Respondents/Specialists during April 2020.  These members also have access to the training materials and recorded webinars provided by Frontline Education.

Service Logs

The logs provide tracking of service delivery for both Educators and Related Service Providers.  Data elements are captured for date, time, attendance, progress and related IEP goals/objectives.  Although the logs have traditionally been used for Medicaid billing, educators can log any service listed on the IEP.

Contact Logs

Users can maintain an ongoing log of communications with teams and parents/guardians.

NEW: Collaboration Portal

The Collaboration Portal was developed to allow remote access to any documents in Enrich for any member of the IEP team.  Any PDF document generated in the system (i.e., Prior Written Notice, Consent to Evaluate, Progress Report, etc.) can be added to the Portal.  This is accomplished manually or via an automated workflow as a Collaboration Document and shared with recipients via a secure email link. Recipients click the link and enter an access code to access the portal. Within the portal, the document can be viewed, annotated, electronically signed, and/or acknowledged just like a piece of paper. Once submitted, the "signed copy" can be reviewed and downloaded for record keeping.   This feature is optional and may be activated at any time by a District Representative.

NEW: Special Circumstances

Due to Executive Order D 2020 041, prohibiting normal in-person instruction for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, there will be a number of reporting elements that may be missed or delayed.  The following list of reports and documents are available and may be requested through your AU Data Respondents/Specialists:

  • Generating a list of IEPs that will expire while in-person instruction is prohibited
  • Generating a list of evaluations that will expire while in-person instruction is prohibited
  • Generating a list of services (i.e., OT, PT, Orientation and Mobility, etc.) not provided while in-person instruction is prohibited
  • Generating a list of students whose initial evaluation was not completed while in-person instruction is prohibited 
  • Generating a list of students whose initial IEP was not held while in-person instruction is prohibited
  • Creating special education service documentation
  • Rescheduling evaluation/IEP meetings (or to convert meeting to a virtual meeting)

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