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Extension of School Bus Annual Requirements - COVID 19

Colorado Rules for the Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of School Transportation Vehicles (1 CCR 301-26) includes a number of requirements which must be done on an annual basis, including annual inspection of vehicles, obtaining and reviewing motor vehicle records of school bus and small vehicle operators, operator written tests, and driving performance tests. 

Given the extraordinary circumstances associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand the challenges associated with those annual requirements which are up for renewal. Therefore, consistent with 1 CCR 301-26-1.03, which allows the Commissioner, or her designee, to provide exemptions to the operation, maintenance and inspection rules, CDE is granting an exemption to extend the annual renewals until August 30, 2020.  

The Annual Inspector Re-certification Process will remain the same.  Annual Inspectors will be required to maintain their certifications in order to perform Annual Inspections.  If you are an Annual Inspector and your certification will expire prior to August 30, 2020, contact Fred Stewart at for 303-866-6655 for re-certification testing materials.