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Tools and Resources

RtI Fidelity of Implementation Rubrics

Recognizing a need for guidance for effective RtI implementation, CDE published a set of tools in 2011 to be used as self-assessments of a system's implementation, which will support improved outcomes for students within that system.

The RtI Implementation Rubrics are designed to assist districts, schools, and educators with the implementation of RtI. The tools provide the means to reflect on policies and practices from the classroom level, to the school level, and to the district level in order to continually improve outcomes for students. These tools are intended to be used statewide and provide needed support in a continuous improvement cycle. The rubrics can also assist districts in their work toward accomplishing their goal of systemic change for increased student achievement.


In this archived series of videos, we addressed some of the basic principles of RtI. These videos were aligned with the RtI Guidebook, which provided initial guidance on RtI implementation. Over the years, the Guidebook and many of the correlated resources have been used by stakeholders throughout Colorado. These videos illustrated the foundational thinking on RtI.   

In these final two videos of the 2008 series, the problem solving process was applied at the individual student level. When the RtI Guidebook was published, these scenarios were shared as introductory training materials. The steps in problem solving are provided in these videos; however, we want to emphasize that these videos are just examples of one school's problem solving process for individual students. We archived these videos because they do not reflect the individual problem-solving process within the context of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).  

Note: The steps of the Colorado Problem Solving Process can be applied and implemented at all levels: individual student, small group, classroom, grade-level, school-level, district-level, and system-wide level. 

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