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Personal Skills

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

A Colorado graduate demonstrates personal skills through self-awareness, initiative and self-direction, personal responsibility and self-management, adaptability and flexibility, and perseverance and resilience. A student with these skills can:


Developmental Milestone:

Developmental Milestone:
Advanced Beginner

Developmental Milestone:
Strategic Learner

Developmental Milestone:
Emerging Expert


  • Accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior
  • Appropriately express one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and identify how they influence behavior
  • Assess personal strengths and limitations, with a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism, and a ‘growth mindset’
  • Adapt to environments with appropriate emotions and behaviors, demonstrating personal awareness through the development of positive relationships

Initiative / Self-Direction

  • Recognize personal characteristics, preferences, thoughts, and feelings
  • Pursue opportunities to engage and learn interests
  • Apply knowledge to set goals, make informed decisions and transfer to new contexts
  • Take responsibility for and pursue opportunities

Personal Responsibility

  • Handle impulses and behavior with minimal direction
  • Discern differences of effective and ineffective processes, communication and tasks
  • Regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations
  • Develop, plan, and organize self-behavior

Adaptability / Flexibility

  • Recognize emotional response to ideas that differ from own
  • Regulate reactions to differing perspectives
  • Look for and value in different perspectives expressed by others
  • Demonstrate ways to adapt and reach workable solutions

Perseverance / Resilience

  • Resist distractions, maintain attention, and continue the task at hand through frustration or challenges
  • Set goals and develop strategies to remain focused on learning goals
  • Focus on learning goals by employing motivation and familiar strategies for engagement and evaluate progress, making necessary changes to stay the course
  • Work effectively in a climate of ambiguity and changing priorities

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